Friday, September 30, 2011


Identifriday- where we identify the wildlife we come across on our doorstep and on our travels and get into the habit of noticing and appreciating our local biodiversity!

Hirundo rustica - Barn Swallow
On the railings outside our house and around the fields you can see them gathering and grouping, almost like they're planning their journey home. Although we are entering into my favorite season it alway makes me a little sad to see them go. This is a chick, the last of the summer broods and an adult, the photo was taken a few weeks ago. They'll be off to South Africa over the next few weeks and according to this only 30% of the chicks will make it over there.
Have a safe journey you two...really hope we see you both next year.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

She's two!

So, this happened a while ago but my summer baby celebrated her second birthday! No less than four times actually. A day for the three of us, her actual birthday and one with each set of grandparents. It was more like a birthday month....she's been singing Happy Birthday pretty much every day since then!

My sweet inspire and challenge me every day. The day you arrived into our lives you brought the greatet happiness your Dada and I have ever known. We love you Chickpea.